LABOR DAY AND FALL HOURS: SARC's Fall and Winter Hours will take effect on Tuesday, September 2nd, after SARC will be closed in observance for Labor Day.  Click here for more information.

FALL CLASS SCHEDULE AND SERVICES PAMPHLET: Both schedule and pamphlet take effect on September 2nd.  Click here to view updated class schedule, and click here to view updated services pamphlet.

SEPTEMBER CLOSURE INFORMATION: SARC now has its September Maintenance Closure Schedule available. SARC will keep at least one section of the facility open the entire month. We will also have a FREE Open House on September 23 with 10% off membership and passes sold that date. Click here for more information on the closure, and click here for information on its effects on classes, passes and membership.

STATE-OF-SARC MEETING AND LEVY: On Wednesday, July 23, the SARC Board held the State-of-SARC Meeting, where information was presented on the financial state of SARC and why the board is pursuing a levy.  Click here to view an email with information, including the Presentation and Levy Fact Sheet.