After many discussions on possible ways forward for SARC without tax money,  the Board has established 3 ad hoc groups:  Melinda Griffin will work with volunteers to form a SARC Foundation (501c3) to solicit gifts and donations to help SARC.  Sherry Nagle will work with local YMCA volunteers to investigate options to work closely with the YMCA.  Gill Goodman will work with Sequim and Clallam officials as they work out options to help SARC.  Other options will be investigated as they are brought forward.  

The future of SARC is now in the hands of users who volunteer their time and funds.  

Unfortunately, the SARC board had to make some difficult choices at the Special Board Meeting today. SARC's reserve fund will only allow SARC to operate until March 31, 2016 under our current services.   

Immediately after the August election results were known, the board created an ad hoc committee to explore operational alternatives.  Today, this group presented the Board  with four options.  Click here to view a link to the four options.   

The board elected to reduce SARC's hours to the following. This change will take effect on October 5, 2015.

                Monday-Friday, 8am-1pm and 3-7pm

                Saturday, 9am-1pm

                Sunday, Closed
SARC will also start taking donations to hopefully extend the life of the organization, and has sponsorship opportunities to help SARC stay open on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  All donations to SARC are tax deductible from personal federal taxes. Additional information will be available at the front desk soon.

This plan will delay SARC's closure hopefully until September 30, 2016, but without an active levy or white knight, SARC will be forced to close. Also, if the pool air handler breaks down, SARC may be forced to close the pool, and possibly the facility, earlier.   

More information will be made available in the next couple of weeks.

All practical suggestions will be welcomed.  Please put them in clearly written form in the suggestion box along with your name and address information. You may also email this to Leslee Francis at sarc5@olypen.com.  To help with one of the established committees, please contact the chair of the appropriate group.



Frank Pickering, SARC Board President