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Airhead AHSUP-1 Inflatable SUP Review

he Airhead AHSUP-1 (AKA the “NaPali”) is a strong competitor to some of the most popular inflatable stand up paddle boards on the market. At 10’6”, it’s a bit longer than some of its closest competitors, making it somewhat faster and smoother to ride. The other main selling point of this board is that it […]

ISLE Airtech 12’6 Touring Inflatable SUP Review

he Isle Airtech 12’6” is a showstopper — this is one of our favorite inflatable stand up paddle boards! The price tag may be a bit more than most other inflatable SUPs, but we think it’s actually a pretty great deal for this special “Touring” style board. We consistently find the Isle boards to be […]

Blue Wave Sports Stingray Inflatable SUP Review

ith the Stingray 10’ inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP) from Blue Wave Sports, you get a surprisingly versatile package for such a low price. We’re most pleased with the included removable fabric seat — strap it onto the board, and adjust the included paddle, and you’ve got a makeshift kayak. Of course, there are […]

Tower Xplorer 14′ Inflatable SUP Review

oah! The Tower Xplorer 14’ is a BIG board, and it’s a big deal! With an upper weight limit of 700lbs, you can get your whole family on here— or you can build up some serious speed on this super-buoyant luxury vessel. The 8 inch thickness and 32 inch width keeps you high above the […]

Solstice Bali iSUP Package Review

t under $500, the Solstice Bali 10’8” Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP) manages to beat out even some of the most affordable inflatable SUPs on the market, while still offering great quality and pretty impressive package. We consider this a high-quality affordable board for beginning and even intermediate riders. The Solstice Bali comes with a pump and […]

Isle 10’8” Soft Top Foam SUP Review

ooooo pretty! The total eye-candy Isle 10’8” Soft Top stand up paddle board comes in a variety of beautiful retro print colors, evoking the style of classic wooden longboard surfboards. This is one of the most beautiful stand up paddle boards we’ve seen, especially at this super low price. The soft top construction makes it […]

Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Review

he first thing we noticed about Keeper Sports’ California Board Company (CBC) Stand Up Paddle Board (besides its total mouthful of a name) is that it is gorgeous. Though this is certainly among the most affordable stand up paddle boards, Keeper Sports hasn’t sacrificed anything in the style department. Of course, with stand up paddle […]

Isle Airtech 10’ Inflatable SUP Review

he Isle Airtech 10’ Inflatable SUP is consistently ranked a very close second place to Tower’s Adventurer 9’10”, and by our analysis, it’s giving that board a very good run for its money! There are a handful of small (but important) differences which you should consider before deciding which board you’d like. If you’ve also […]

Tower Adventurer 2 Inflatable SUP Review

ower makes some of the most popular stand up paddle boards out there, and with the Tower Adventurer 2, they’ve lived up to their reputation. The Adventurer 2 is a true update on the original Adventurer, not just a new name — so we’ll lay out the differences, detail the improvements, and explain how to […]

Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP Review

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