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Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP Review 5.0

Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP Review

Tower Stand Up Inflateable Paddle Board Review
The Tower Adventurer 9’10” iSUP gets 4.7 out of 5 stars for our Globo Surf rating.

Tower-Adventurer-9’10”-Padde-Board-FeaturesTower paddle boards shows photos of the Adventurer 9’10” iSUP getting run over by a car without sustaining any damage — we weren’t about to test this claim ourselves, but we can say that this well-constructed board definitely does inspire confidence.

Just in case you’re still new to the idea of inflatable standup paddle boards (iSUPs) — don’t be fooled! These are not flimsy blow-up toys! These boards are fully viable alternatives to traditional hard SUPS — and they just happen to be super convenient as well! The Tower Adventurer, in particular, with its military-grade PVC, sturdy 6” thickness, and impressively smooth ride, sets the bar high for any stand up paddle board (inflatable or not).

We were pleased to find that the Tower Adventurer iSUP performs just as well as a hard board and it is SUPER durable. It’s a well-balanced board, perfect for beginners and performing up to expectations for more experienced paddlers as well. The Tower Adventurer has the perfect mix of balance/sturdiness along with excellent maneuverability for an easy, fun ride.


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Tower Adventurer 9’10” iSUP Features:

The Tower Adventurer looks and feels a lot like a hard board, and boasts an impressive set of features, especially for a board well under a thousand dollars. The 6” thickness gives it great balance (it can hold up to 350 pounds on the water!) and its relatively short length, at 9’10”, keeps it very maneuverable. We were pleased to see that this board comes with all the basic amenities you should expect from a good SUP package:

Tower Adventurer Specifications:

Size: 9’10”, 6” thick, and 32” wide (when inflated)

Weight: 25 lbs deflated

Weight limit: 350 lbs. This board can hold a lot of weight! A lot of inflatable SUPs will have lower weight limits.

Material: This board is made out of military-grade PVC with drop-stitch construction. Don’t think that this board is wimpy just because it’s inflatable — unlike hard standup paddleboards, it’s not susceptible to dents and cracks. Impressive!

Inflating: As advertised by Tower, this board can inflate up to 15 PSI, but works great at just 10 PSI.

Tower Inflatable SUP User Experience:

Set up: Set up for the Tower Adventurer iSUP is pretty minimal. Inflating with the included hand pump takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on your arm strength (and your conviction!). If you want, you can buy an automatic pump — but note you will have to buy an adapter to attach it.

The only other setup required is attaching the center fin, for using the board in flat water. A few users have complained about the small hex screw, which would have to be replaced by the company if lost, but we weren’t too worried about that.

Deflated and rolled up, this board can pretty easily fit into a large backpack. For a flight, throw it in a duffel bag with the paddle and pump and check it — or if you’re lucky you just might be able to cary it on. That definitely can’t be said for a hard SUP!

Tower-Inflatable-SUP-RideThe Ride: The Adventurer has a great, smooth ride! It’s pretty wide and relatively short compared to some other boards, but we found it to be a really good balance. More experienced riders looking for a speedy board should know that this thing is not going to cut through the water — but it’s super sturdy and comfortable, and the short length keeps it maneuverable to make for a very fun ride. It’s hard to make a shorter board like this without compromising on balance, but Tower has done a very impressive job. You get the easy maneuverability of a shorter board, but the generous 6” thickness means there’s no compromise on stability.

Many riders have mentioned doing yoga on this board, and taking it out with multiple riders, or even their dogs!  The Tower Adventurer iSUP also has a few well-placed d-rings, so you can attach anything you might need to bring out on the water — camera bag, backpack, water bottle… many riders even attach seats and set up fishing poles (why sit on the dock like a loser? Sit on the water!).

Overall, this is truly a versatile board. It’s an easy, stable ride for beginners, but it’s quick enough to have some fun if you’re ready to tear around.


  • At 350 pounds, the Tower Adventurer has an unusually high weight limit. Bring a friend on board with you, or bring your dog, or both!
  • Super convenient and easy to store. Rolls up small enough to fit into a large backpack.
  • To the average paddler, this board truly looks and feels just like a hard board. You’ll be surprised!
  • Includes a pump, a paddle, fins, and a strap for keeping the board wrapped up in storage — everything you need to get started.


  • While it’s by now means clunky, this is not the board you should buy if you’re going for speed.
  • Doesn’t include a carry bag (though it does have a strap to keep it rolled up)
  • If you want to use an automatic pump, you’ll need an adapter (it takes about 10 minutes to pump using the included hand pump).
  • Some users complain about the fin, which uses a small hex screw, potentially hard to replace. We weren’t too worried about this, but it’s worth noting.

Paddle Board Overall Rating:

Based on all the information we’ve gathered on this board, here’s our overall breakdown for the Tower Adventurer Inflatable Paddle Board (SUP):

  • Price: 100% – This is a very competitive board at its price point.
  • Material: 100% – The military-grade PVC can’t be beat (literally).
  • Design: 90% – The board itself is solid and well-balanced and has a great ride. No problem there, as far as the board’s functioning. The only design flaws we’ve noticed are relatively small — some users have noted that the paddle does not float if dropped in the water, and as stated, if you happen to want an automatic pump, you’ll need to buy an extra attachment.
  • Overall: 96% – Affordable, unbreakable, and very ridable. We like it.

Tower Stand Up Paddle Board Overall Rating

Globo Surf Overview:

To wrap it up, the Tower Adventurer 9’10” iSUP will be a good fit for you if you’re looking for something with the convenience of an inflatable board without compromising on the quality of the ride or the materials.

Of course, any inflatable board is going to be somewhat slower than a traditional, solid SUP. Which board you choose is a matter of personal preference — experienced riders may still prefer a solid board, but ISUPs like this one offer convenience and portability, and are quickly closing the gap in quality and ridability. Many riders may not even be able to tell the difference between the Tower Adventurer and a traditional hard board, and that’s a testament to its fine quality.

So where can you pick one up? If you’re interested in the Tower Adventurer 9’10”, it’s available in a number of places online. Head over to the Tower Adventurer page on Amazon for more info and customer reviews (and free shipping!).!


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